Starting Up…

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Apparently I’ve nothing of value to say.  At least, that’s how it seems as I try to actually begin saying something that must…by the very medium…have some small value.  Or not.

Maybe I’ve simply joined the myriads of those seeking to be the star of their own show, however latent my joining.  Maybe I’ve fallen to the seedy appeal of ego, so desperate to see my own thoughts in print as to self publish in the sea of letters called the blogosphere.  Or maybe it’s for catharsis, a sort of psychological cleansing.  An emotional enema, if you will.

If so, the joke’s on me.  Time will tell.

In these pages I’m going to examine things Apostolic, admittedly from my own biased, confessedly cynical, and sometimes even jaundiced opinion.  I make no profession to be balanced, fair, even-handed, or remotely just.  Quite the opposite, actually.  You’ll likely think me extreme, critical, and even callous.

Good on ya, buddy.  I’ve no problem with that.

One thing I will be, though, is honest.  What you’ll read hear will be my honest assessment of the corner of the Apostolic Movement that I’m part of.  Will it be accurate?  Maybe.  At least facts will be accurate.  But how accurate can opinions be, generally?  I think the best both you and I can hope for are accurate facts and honest assessment.

Of course, “honest” doesn’t mean “true”.  All of this will be far too subjective to lay claim to truth.  “Honesty” will have to suffice.

On to my bona fides.  I’m a fourth generation faithful Apostolic, and have fathered a fifth.  I’m not sure that counts for anything, really.  What it does show, however, is that I’m not a johnny-come-lately know-it-all…I’m a well established know-it-all.  As well, I’ve been a preacher of the Gospel since the tender age of 14.  I’ve also carried ministerial credentials with the United Pentecostal Church International for a quarter of a century.  (Dear God.  Can such a thing be true?)  I still hold’em, by the way.  And I’m still serving.

That should be worth something.  At least, it would if applied to any other profession or professional association.  But likely not with us.  But let’s pretend it does…grant that indulgence for a little while, eh?  😉

So here we go, starting up.  The CanadianClipper sets sail!  Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of, well, not rum…I guess.

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