The Secret of Contentment, 2

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Living the Faith
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In order to know real contentment, Christ must be at the centre of our lives…and here’s how we get Him there.

REFOCUS…on Calvary, and the Christ who died there.  The Cross is the epicentre of the Christian faith; there is no Christianity without it.  All the promise of our Faith is tied to the events of Calvary, and there is no Faith of an uncrucified Christ.  Calvary was the site of the battle for the New Kirngdom, the new system, with its new laws, customs, and culture.  It’s important for you to reacquaint yourself again with the utter difference of Jesus’ ways from the ways of this world.

REPENT…of what’s at the centre.  Whether you realize it or not, you’ve made yourself the centre of your own life, and that calls for repentance; changing your mind and changing your direction.

REJECT…the insufficient life.  Insufficiency is at the core of the drivenness that prevents rest, contentment, and peace.  You must reject this driven-ness.  As strange as that may seem, as counter-culture as that may be, it must be done.  After all, as a citizen of Heaven you are a stranger here.  As a disciple of Jesus Christ your manner of life is counter to the culture.

RECOGNIZE…Christ as King.  Not just king in some distant, general sense…but that He is your King in the here and now.  He’s not your life-coach.  He’s not your spiritual guide.  He’s not your therapist or advisor.  He’s your King.  It’s His rule that your must submit to.  He is THE Lord.

RESTORE…His control, direction, and authority over every aspect and event of life.  If you have much, it’s through His allowance.  If you have little, it’s through His allowance.  If you’re well, it’s through His allowance.  If you’re ill, it’s through His allowance.  And so on and so forth.  As your King He may do as He wishes with you, when He wishes, how He wishes…and never offer you any explanation.

REALIZE…His sufficiency in all.  His grace is sufficient for you.  His provision is sufficient for you. It’s hard for a Pentecostal to accept the sufficiency of Christ.  It’s too…too…Calvinist somehow.  It reduces the significance of one’s effort, and makes His work supreme.  Shades of Presbyterianism!  Gasp!  Yet there it is, liberally (?) sprinkled throughout the Epistles; Christ is sufficient.  If you have Him, you have everything.

And that’s the secret of contentment…Christ at the centre.

  1. Paul says:

    I have an 89 year old mother. She always used to say she was “content”. She lost sight in her one eye as a child and has lived a basic life. She never wants and has to give away. My dad was a coalminer for most of his days so his pay was basic to say the least. Contentment is powerful!

    Quote: sufficiency is at the core of the drivenness that prevents rest, contentment, and peace. You must reject this driven-ness. … recognise Christ as King”…. powerful!

    Thanks for your post. God bless you my brother

    • Dennis Munn says:

      Thanks, Paul! I’m convinced that much of our North American (may I assume European?) drive to be “successful” in ministry has nothing to do with pleasing God.

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