Dr. Bob Goes Cherry Picking

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Dr. Bob, On Being Apostolic
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With apologies to all the Bobs I’ve known.

Dr. Bob was a…well…he was a doctor. He was a mostly caring, charming, accurate, professional, concerned, thoughtful, smart, well-educated, up-to-date, rather handsome doctor of now rather svelte proportions who was also now rather obnoxious about his svelteness. Still, he was a good doctor in his own right. And being a good doctor, Dr. Bob understood the importance of holidays, for him as well as his patients. He knew that everybody needed a break in the routine, a change, a rest from the rat race, and so on. So, he rather religiously scheduled weekends away when he did nothing related to the medical profession.

What amazed Dr. Bob was that on these weekends that were a total break from his profession, he almost invariably learned powerful concepts that he could apply to the practice of medicine. Almost invariably while hiking over a mountain, or deep sea fishing, or diving among coral reefs, for example, Dr. Bob’s head would be filled with ideas about the activity, and about life, that seemed to be metaphors for aspects of his profession. And it was wonderful! While he’d only meant to do something that involved a radical break from the rigours and stresses of his practice, he actually wound up achieving a 60 watt form of enlightenment that made him a better doctor. (Hey…to be fair…60 watts of enlightenment is better than none.) It was really incredible! He returned from these little jaunts not only rested in body, but intellectually invigorated as well.

That’s not to say that all the thoughts that roiled through Dr. Bob’s head on these little adventures were sensible. That’s not to say that all the metaphors that were suggested to him had any real-life application. And it’s not to say that those few ideas that actually seemed to work in real life were always applied in the wisest way. But hey! He was trying…which was more than many of his peers were doing. Or so it seemed to him.

Take, for instance, the time that Dr. Bob went to British Columbia for a long weekend of cherry picking. Sure, there were places that were closer, that would have involved less expense, but these weekends were special. Spending a bit of money to ensure that the trip was memorable was well worth it to Dr. Bob. And of course, we plebs need to remember that he was a doctor. So, off to the south-eastern region of BC went Dr. Bob to pick cherries for a local orchard, anticipating all the wonderful thoughts he would think in the process.

It wasn’t an easy, devil may care kind of weekend. He had to be up quite early and into the orchard, because the cherries had to be picked before the heat of the day set in. Then, he had to be careful as to how he handled the cherries in the picking process; grip the cherry’s stem carefully between thumb and forefinger, up near the “fruit spur”, then twist gently. Then, one had to handle the picked cherries carefully to prevent bruising. And probably most importantly, Dr. Bob had to be very careful about which cherries he picked; only the ripe ones, no discoloured or worm eaten cherries, please. All in all, it was time consuming, slow, exhausting work. Yet true to previous experience, once he got the hang of it his mental juices began to flow. A mantra of sorts formed in his mind, and he chanted mentally as he worked through the weekend; “Only the best! Only the best!”

To be continued…

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