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Here’s the final, long overdue final lesson in the first unit.  A complete bibliography will be posted next.

Paul & Women 4

Lesson Three in the first unit of the Paul & Women Series.

Paul & Women 3

Here’s the long awaited (at least in some circles, by some people) addition to the Paul & Women series.

Paul & Women 2

Lesson 1 of the first unit in the series, Paul & Women…exploring 1 Timothy 2:11-15

Paul & Women 1 Edit

Here’s a more finely edited version of the “Introduction to Paul & Women” podcast.  Thanks to Cameron Price for pointing out an blooper that I’d missed in the previous edit!

Introduction to Paul & Women

The fourth and final podcast in the “Jesus; God’s Human Face” series.  Thanks for listening!



Still working on this format, and I apologize that it’s rough.  I truly appreciate you taking the time to listen and post comments.


Jesus; God’s Human Face, part 2


There’s more work to be done to polish this up, but hey…here’s the first installment.